The Future:  A Golden Age of Justice

Jul 10, 2022

What if the “justice system” could be transformed . . . 

Where equality doesn’t mean we all have to be the same;

Where we can trust Lady Justice to no longer wear a blindfold because everyone deserves to be seen and given individual consideration;

Where we share a vision of a future with more freedom and less prejudice;

Where we trust Jurors are trained to hear all the evidence, not just what we think they can handle;

Where Jurors are trained to listen for the Truth rather than bedazzled by the one who delivers the most entertaining argument;

Where a judge prescribes healing remedies to social unrest rather than punishment to a few bad actors;

Where the legal system is not just another big stick used to dominate each other or avoid domination, continuing the cycle of abuse;

Where every right is balanced by its equal responsibility;

Where justice is a community event, and no one stands alone;

Where Lady Justice carries a symbol of wisdom rather than scales which are limited to weighing the merits of only two opposing stories;

To a place where the language of “rights” gives way to the language of supportive relationships;

Where everyone has access to wisdom, not just knowledge, and innovative interventions are plentiful;

Where concepts of justice evolve democratically rather than politically.

Where new laws are not implemented to stop a few bad acts punishing everyone by its rigidity; 

Where we don’t rely on fear of punishment as the only deterrent to inappropriate behavior;

Where those who seek remedies for crime are not re-victimized by the process;

Where crimes are seen as a symptom of a bigger issue:  mental or emotional illness, and poverty within a cultural context.

Where lifetime sexual predators are not released back to society on legal technicalities or until treatment is successful.

Where women and children are believed when they face brutality, such that presumptions of innocence are shifted to reflect that so few report sexual violence (23%) and so few are wrongfully accused (around 2-5%).  

Where the person offended and the person accused are both provided with Wisdom Counsel whether the offense is criminal or civil.  Wisdom requires looking at the whole picture and considering everyone’s wholeness and potential.  

Where we focus on resolving the conflict in a way that transforms those involved and as well as the relationship in light of the future our society desires to cultivate, rather than on winning or losing a legal battle at all costs.  

Where Justice is about building people up rather than tearing people down.

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