We rise to tell our stories and work together toward respect, courage, compassion and safety for ourselves and our communities, free from sexual harassment or assault.


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The path to recovery from the trauma of sexual assault or harassment is already well-traveled and should not be taken alone. Surround yourself with a support team and innovative interventions.  Our website is designed to help you find what you need to make empowered decisions at every stage of your journey.


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Share your story here. Be heard.Be believed. Document what happened.

Only YOU can access it later if you need it. Our private database will search for patterns to help identify repeat predators.

Your story is protected by the attorney-client privilege.


Our Champions

Champions are individuals and institutions that embody the behaviors and attitudes that will propel us to a new cultural norm of respect and safety for everyone.

By celebrating our champions publically and/or privately, we encourage more of what is working.


Have you heard our new podcast?

Founder Heather Reynolds and her courageous guests share their intimate stories of triumph over trauma. We deserve to have our stories heard, and we don’t have to carry them alone. Let’s inspire each other to transform our experiences, our stories, and our culture. We’re breaking free from an illusion that we are alone in the pandemic of sexual violence in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Our greatest struggles can become our greatest strengths. Join us on a journey of reclaiming our power and our healing.

81% of all women, and 43% of all men experience sexual assault or harassment in their lifetimes.





We are a Visionary grass-roots movement
Evolving our cultural norms to
Rise above sexual violence
through Innovative
Transformative Justice ApproacheS.

How can my story make a difference?

Our private website provides a safe place to share our stories, find resources and focus on prevention.  Our confidential stories feed a private database that reveals the identity of repeat offenders early so we can notify clients when they are part of a larger pattern and offer innovative interventions.


Who we serve?

Our organization celebrates diversity of religion, thought, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, identity, national original, physical ability and citizenship with acceptance.

We are humbled by knowing that our views are limited and constantly evolving. We welcome kind and constructive feedback in hopes that we can expand our already open-minds and continue to be more inclusive.

We avoid divisive labels where possible so everyone can feel welcome to use our services.

We see each other’s diverse views and perspectives with unconditional positive regard because together, we believe we can see a more wholistic picture.

We strive to use empowering words to honor individuals who have survived sexual violence (avoiding the word victim), and offenders (rather than rapists).

Instead of blaming or shaming “victims,” we seek to believe survivors and support their healing process on their terms. We do not pretend to know what is best for them.

Instead of villainizing, shaming or “othering” sex offenders, we see them as part of our evolving humanity to be treated with dignity and respect, in hopes that they too will rise from the ashes.

We are not here to impose our views on others, in fact, we seek the opposite, to provide diverse perspectives such that each individual can seek and find their own truth and encourage respectful dialogue.

How can my story make a difference?

Our private website provides a safe place to share our stories, find resources and focus on prevention.  Our confidential stories feed a private database that reveals the identity of repeat offenders early so we can notify clients when they are part of a larger pattern and offer innovative interventions.


What is our public database?

Our public database will compile police reports, arrest records, lawsuits, outcomes, and plea bargains from across the nation, rather than just listing the 1% of sex offenders that are actually convicted.  The purpose is neither shame nor blame, but prevention and accountability.


How are we different?

When we drive our cars, we don’t spend the whole time looking in the rear-view mirror because we could never get where we were going.  An occasional glance can be extremely helpful, however.  That’s our philosophy when it comes to social justice.  We want to spend most of our time focusing our attention on where we are going, not dwelling on the past. 


What we provide?

We provide empowering resources including support systems, innovative interventions, preventative measures, education, and cultural concepts informed by transformative justice. 

How do we empower ourselves?

Our project seeks to empower individuals to apply innovative interventions of a transformative nature into their own lives, their families, their communities, and society as a whole.  Empowerment means making decisions with quality information, expert advice and integrity at every level.  It means not giving our power away to the justice system, lawyers, health care professionals or police without first weighing all the pros and cons.  It means education and prevention for all.  It means supporting each other, believing each other, and listening more deeply to our truths.

What is transformative justice?

In a world of urgent and seemingly endless need, we don’t want to find ourselves endlessly placing Band-Aids on symptoms of “old world” thinking when we can make more long-lasting strides by transforming the culture from which violence emerges.  This approach is called Transformative Justice.  It seeks to transform the source of the problem.  We believe the source lies in the stories we tell ourselves individually and culturally.  By reframing who we believe ourselves to be and where our power lies, we become more capable of expressing it.  Transformative Justice is the idea that we all play a part in creating a culture of safety and respect rather than domination or control.


Why the phoenix?

A phoenix represents transformation as it rises from the ashes of the past.  It represents renewal and rebirth as humanity learns to fly.  We believe that both the offenders and those they harm are like the wings of the bird — both can recover from cycles of abuse when we take a transformative approach. Both can rise from the ashes.  One wing can be viewed as the masculine and the other the feminine — both need to be equally strong to fly.  That’s why we chose the Phoenix as our metaphor.

What's a champion?

An entire section of our website will be devoted to featuring and honoring those who are inspiring us closer to our future vision of safety, respect, and freedom. We call them our Champions and we celebrate them.  Feel free to nominate your favorites.




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