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The Public Database of Alleged Sexual Offenses

We collate as much public information as possible into one searchable database to identify sexual offenses, alleged offenders, patterns and impact.  

The government-run sex offender registries include ONLY the 1% that are actually convicted and provide very limited information about the assailant’s patterns and practices. 

Bill Cosby, for example, is not listed on the national registry of sex offenders, but he has faced several civil claims. Eight of his civil claims have been settled.

By using our database, the public will be able to find all of the already public information compiled in one place.

We’re in the process of collecting the missing data for this page.

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How do we protect the wrongfully accused?

The National Registry of Exonerations reports that since 1989, 52 men have been exonerated due to false rape allegations.  Each life that is destroyed is an injustice and deserves to rise from the ashes. The transformative justice approach that we offer can empower everyone involved to find healing within themselves and their communities.

Consider us a research library, not a judge or jury.   We are not assuming guilt or innocence when we collect public information on a particular event, but empower our readers to come to their own conclusions and take precautions accordingly.

What if this list is used improperly for vigilantism?  

Vigilantism occurs when ordinary people feel the current justice system has failed them.  Statistics suggest that our current system is indeed failing to protect most of us.  In contrast, the Transformative Justice approach offers hope. 

Transformative Justice is about transforming ourselves, our relationships and our communities.  It’s about upending cycles of abuse, rewriting outdated cultural narratives and creating community support systems that work for EVERYONE.  We believe offenders should be rehabilitated rather than punished.  We believe in following just laws for more harmonious relationships.  To promote or condone vigilantism would be contrary to our philosophy.